Oliver's Manicure

Pretty and polished or natural and nude. These customized experiences for your hands and feet include proper maintenance for nails and cuticles.

Oliver's Manicure (includes Mask) 42
Sensory Journey Masque (with pedicure)15

Essential Manicure

Voted BEST Salon for the Perfect Mani-Pedi Expierence - 2016 Lehigh Valley Style Magazine

Essential Manicure 25

Gel Polish Manicure

An OPI Soak-off Gel Lacquer, LED light cured for results that are nothing short of brilliant. An affordable luxury with color that lasts two weeks or more.

Gel Polish Manicure (first time gel application) 32
Gel Polish Manicure (with removal) 42


French style painting 5 +
Nail art5 +
Nail mending 5 +

Oliver's Pedicure

Continue to keep your feet and toes sparkling! Enjoy this perfect pedicure that includes a sensory journey of essential oils used to enhance every step of this classic yet necessary service. Let us not forget, of course, a fabulous color of your choice! Sit back, relax, and Treat Yourself Well in our massage chairs and whirlpool foot baths!

Oliver's Pedicure 52

Wellness Pedicure

Healthy feet are smooth feet! When your feet are less than perfect, a Footlogix pedicure can help your feet return to optimal health. This pedicure helps assist with dry heels, cracked and scaly skin, and unattractive toenails. Safe for all skin types including diabetics.

Wellness Pedicure52

Speciality Pedicure

Summertime Sangria

Saver the last few weeks of summer with something sweet…like this season’s newest Farmhouse Fresh manicure and pedicure. Our Summertime Sangria pedicure is best enjoyed with a fruity sangria and a side of fresh salsa. With a variety of your forever-favorite Farmhouse Fresh products, treat yourself with decadent service full of sweet scrubs, glazes, body milks, and more! Take some time out and enjoy the last few sips of summer!

Enjoy the Summertime Sangria for a limited time.62

Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology 45

LCN is less damaging than acrylic nails. Applied as a gel and is cured with a UV light

Full Set 76
Rebalance 55